Prototyping Case Studies


E-commerce startup


A startup company reached out to us to build an innovative e-commerce platform. Our client’s goal was to change customers’ gifting behavior and encourage sustainable consumption. But the startup company lacked the technological support and budget for product development. An early version of the digital product could help the startup to connect with potential clients and investors. The client had a general idea for the desired app but needed help in structuring features. The startup idea for an e-commerce app needed to be tested safely and cost-effectively


In the initial stage of the project, we guided our client to translate his ideas into a product map with a clear structure. Our team worked collaboratively to conceptualize early-stage design ideas and produce sketches. We gradually evolved the sketches into an app prototype design that embodies our client’s ideas.  Digital prototype aimed to demonstrate the basic flow of the e-commerce app, which could save both time and money for the startup company. Our main goal was to test product/market fit and move the product in the right direction early on.


Digital simulation allowed the client to iterate, optimize, and validate the product before full-scale development. With the help of the developed prototype, the e-commerce startup company was able to get the interest of prospective customers and pitch the idea to investors before the product was built.

After testing initial assumptions, our trusted developers started to work on building the MVP and eventually the final product to deliver a great customer experience. We are working together toward our client’s milestones providing support in every phase of this journey.


EdTech Company


An EdTech company contacted us with a clear business idea. The goal of the company was to digitalize the language learning process and facilitate the integration of foreigners into the destination society. Our client aimed to develop a mobile app that would serve as a digital learning platform. The company needed to validate the product hypothesis before investing into the product development.

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To address the client’s business goals most optimally, our team conducted extensive research into the EdTech market and user persona. We assisted our client to feature the core functions of the desired mobile app.

Afterward, we conducted workshops to develop an idea of the prototype for initial demoing and user testing. A Digital prototype was designed to test if the proposed product would ensure a seamless and enjoyable end-user experience. The user interface (UI) needed to be attractive and functional to convey simple and effective interaction to the app users.


The Edtech company was equipped with a digital solution to test the initial product ideas. The company used the app prototype to conduct usability tests with real users, receive critical early user feedback, and iterate fast in an early stage.

We assisted our client to refine his initial ideas and work toward the final product, which would offer a user-friendly and compelling experience. Quality, respect, and excellence are the key values for our service and in everything we do. We are proud to deliver digital platforms & IT solutions that help our clients provide better services to their users.


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