• Sara Behbudzada

The Top 5 Reasons Why Prototyping is Important

1. A prototype communicates ideas better

“If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings.” — Tom & David Kelley

A prototype is an effective tool to ease communication between designers or developers, and stakeholders. UI/UX related issues about the core functionality of the product might be difficult to explain to non-technical team members. Prototyping, particularly hi-fi prototyping, can elevate this problem by conveying the ‘look and feel’ of the product.

2. Validate your business idea

You might have a great product on your mind, but when you put it down on paper or visualize on a computer screen, it might not end up not as you expected. Prototyping allows you to explore your design, spot the key areas of improvement, validate product functions, and iterate quickly. By creating a visual version, you can determine the flaws in your suggested product before the actual development process.

3. Save time, money, and effort

New product development can be expensive, risky, and time-consuming. Thus, it is crucial to optimize resource allocation. With a prototype, you can test product and market fit. Prototypes provide a pseudo-solution, which can be helpful as a “go/no go” indicator to avoid moving in the wrong direction.

4. Receive feedback

It is best to receive negative feedback during the low-risk research phase. You can demonstrate and share your prototype with stakeholders and potential users. Collecting feedback in the early stage of innovation is crucial to refine your product concepts and work toward a user-friendly product.

5. Helping you get funded

A prototype can come in handy if you are planning to seek funding and need to impress investors. A digital prototype helps to visually demonstrate the functionality of your product to investors that would otherwise be hard to explain in words. It can lead potential investors to connect with your product and evaluate your proposed solution.

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