3 Christmas Campaign Ideas for Your Business

Uppdaterad: 23 dec 2020

Christmas is knocking on your door! It has been a tough year but Christmas brings new hopes. Twinkling lights, gingerbread cookies, most surprising sweaters, family reunions, Christmas gifts... all these bring a smile on your face, right?

The magic of Christmas is the power of warming hearts in the cold winter days. This is the best time to boost your marketing efforts and give the last push to your annual sales. If you want to get tips about promoting your business during the holiday season, continue reading. Below some great Christmas campaign ideas are presented to inspire your business.

1. Add Festive Flair to Your Webpage

Decorate your landing page to welcome your visitors with Christmas flair. Think about adding multimedia content such as festive photos, videos, texts, and GIFs to increase engagement and drive traffic: Christmas vibes on your website foster a greater connection with visitors making your website more appealing.

2. Share Holiday Themed Blog/Social Media Posts

Creating engaging contents requires a lot of brainstorming. But don’t worry, here you will find some ideas about your Christmas posts. First, you might be concerned about not having been posting and sharing relevant content in a constant way, if not ever. You can still start today! The most relevant content is what matters to you and your business and there is nothing better than sharing your personal and authentic experience when it comes to creating original content in the form of an informative blog! Recent inbound marketing report proves that blog is one of the three main content marketing strategies on the spot nowadays and about 80% of companies acquire their customers through their blogging efforts.

A Christmas themed blog post would be a great idea to start your blogging journey! The blog topics can range from Christmas decoration to holiday trip ideas depending on your expertise: simply share your experience! For example, if you are a restaurant owner, it would be interesting to share a blog on a Christmas dinner menu and recipes.

Once your blog is finalised, do not forget that social media platforms allow you to reach out to a wide audience: deliver your positive and inspiring messages to your followers. Besides spreading your blogs, through your social media account you can also spread the word about your Christmas promotions.

3. Launch Christmas Contests and Giveaway

Peak holiday time is the best time to strengthen your marketing strategy. Christmas contests, competitions, and giveaways can help to build brand awareness and increase business referrals, and incentivize customer sharing. Your campaign could be a big giveaway or small contests depending on your budget.

People love the idea of being potential winners, and they seek such chances during holiday time. Christmas games can include an ‘ugly’ sweaters contest, elf design competition, Christmas tree photo contest, Christmas song contest, cookie crossword, or general knowledge quizzes. If you lack inspiration for your Christmas posting, the internet web is a source of ideas as the examples that are displayed in the images below. However, the greater and most effective inspiration you might have, will come from your own experience. Just ask your customers and there is your great inspiration!

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