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Be Part Of a Great Jouney!

We are an dynamic and ambitions team with a broad global reach. We are on a journey to make make Sweden No.1 digitalized country in the work, come join our journey.

Whether you have a great idea for a co-project or just want a partner for a join venture, we are open to explore how we together can provide added value for our stakeholders.

Our objective is that you should get engaged with your passion and collaborate in a win-win spirit. We're continuously on the lookout for people, companies, private and public organizations through which cooperation we can mutually grow and progress



Helping Your Business Blossom

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Be You,

If you're afraid of being wrong, you'll never be original

We believe in making things that seems complicated easy and accessible to all. At Maniva Digital, digitalisation and IT product development is made simple, comprehensive and cost effective.

Be you, with all your skills and potential. because through our flaws, we find new ways, to do old things simple for all.


Come With your Talent, We Provide The Opportunity

We are always looking for new talent and skilled partners. Regardless where you are or what you do. We can provide you a opportunity to to match your ambitions. Just get in touch with us

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