Why work with us?

Our needs drive technology & together we make progress

At Maniva Digital, we firmly believe that communication is vital for the success of any collaboration.
With us, you will have openness & transparency from start & we will hold your hand to the finish line, and beyond if required. Because your success is our drive.


Who We Are

Committed to Excellence

At Maniva Digital, our vision is to become the best provider of digital platforms & IT solutions in the Nordics.

Together with our network and strategic partners of over 50 IT specialists we help startups and companies of all sizes to respond to current & future challenges when transitioning their business from analog to digital.

We continuously update and improve our work methods, communication and processes to be aligned with the latest technical advancement. This enables us to stay competitive & provide better quality services to our customers. We offer competitive price without compromising on the quality, design and performance.

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Maniva Digital

Helping Your Business Blossom

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Our Culture

Be Yourself,

If you are afraid of being wrong, you'll never be original

We believe in making things that seem complicated easy and accessible to all. At Maniva Digital, digitalization and IT product development are made simple, comprehensive, and cost-effective.

Be yourself, with all your skills and potential. because through our flaws, we find new ways, to do old things simple for all.

We are growing

Come With your Talent, We Provide The Opportunity

We are always looking for new talent and skilled partners.
Regardless where you are or what you do. We can provide you with an opportunity to match your ambitions.
Just get in touch with us.

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Whether you have a great idea for a co-project or just want a partner for a joint venture, we are open to explore scenarios how together we can provide added value for our stakeholders.

Our ultimate objective is that you engage with your passion and collaborate with us in a win-win spirit. We're continuously on the lookout for people, companies, private and public organizations through which cooperation we can mutually grow and progress.

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